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Stay ahead of the project. Preventative. Responsive. Consistently Safe.

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Rockin R Construction has created a team of craftsmen with experience and drive to do the job right, do it quickly, and do it for the quoted price – guaranteed. Our staff is on call 24/7 and is there for you whenever you need a prompt responder.

Our Culture

Industry Leading Experts in

When we send our teams into the field we are sending experts uniquely qualified in a service area that will benefit your project. Our wide range of services is key in finding solutions quckly and preventing costly downtime.

Safety is our Highest Goal

Safety is of the utmost concern. We care about our team and clients the same and work to ensure all of our employees go home to their families as healthy as they started the work day. We have a codified Safety Program, and employees are also OHSA and MSHA trained.

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